Buy Roller Blinds in  Abu Dhabi

Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi are made up of single piece of fabric that rolls up to the top of your window. The Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi are operated by the pull cord available at the bottom of the blinds or with the help of the chain, that is attached to the top casting of the Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi. offers wide range of Roller Blinds in Abu Dhabi. They have a lot of variety on the basis of types, colors, designs and textures which makes the appearance of the house room windows more elegant and chic.

 Fabric Types of Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi

1. Blockout roller blinds As the name refers Blackout Fabric blocks out all the light and gives the total privacy. All of our panel blackout blinds are 100% blackout and they have the best functionality and great appearance.

2. Light filtering roller blinds Light Filtering roller blinds diffuses the light and softens the light also keeping in view the privacy of the room, both at night and day time. The softly diffused light generates great ambience to the room.

3. Sunscreen roller blinds These blinds allow the natural sunlight to enter the room along with keeping the control of privacy. They provide proper protection to the furniture and interior getting destroyed because of the direct sunlight.

Types of Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi

1. Perfect fit roller blinds Perfect fit blinds fit perfectly on the liding doors and windows.

2. Motorized roller blinds It comes with the option of motorized roller control.

Rooms where Roller Blinds Abu Dhabi suits best


1. Bedrooms Blackout roller blinds are best for the bedrooms as they are best to keep the privacy.

2. Kitchens Blackout and sunscreen blinds are the best suits for the kitchens.

3. Living rooms All the types of roller blinds suit best for the living rooms, be it blackout roller blinds Abu Dhabi, sunscreen blinds Abu Dhabi or light filtering roller blinds.

4. Offices Offices usually have sunscreen roller blinds. But in some offices, they also install blackout blinds.

5. Bathrooms Blackout roller blinds are best choice for bathrooms.