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Home Curtains

Home Curtains Abu Dhabi

In this modern period, people more focus on the interior and décor of their houses and some even hire interior designers and pay heavy amounts to make their places presentable. Home Curtains Abu Dhabi add to the beauty of the house rooms interiors, be it the bed room, kitchen, play area or dining room windows. Home curtains Abu Dhabi are just not known for their elegance, delicacy and presentation but benefit the rooms in many other ways. Home curtains Abu Dhabi stops the light and dust from entering into the room. It helps in keeping the rooms and their interior safe and tidy. is known for offering different and extensive range of curtains on the basis of their Types, curtain styles, fabric/material, curtain patterns and opaqueness.


Types of Home Curtains Abu Dhabi

Panel Pair It consist of two separate curtain panels. These types of curtains are very commonly used and one panel covers one side of the window and other panel covers other side of the window. To close the curtains you have to pull both of the panels towards one another.

Single Panel Single panel curtain consist of one panel which covers the whole window. These are modern and casually used curtains these days.

Valance Its is the type of short curtain which hangs on top of the curtain. They are optional to use and are only used as decorative purpose.

Window Scarf Window scarf is same as valance. It is a thin piece of cloth that goes and hangs on top of the curtain window.

Liner Liners are also kind of additional curtain that add ons more elegance and delicacy to the curtains.


Fabric of Home Curtains Abu Dhabi

1. Cotton

2. Silk

3. Linen

4. Valvet

5. Synthetic

6. Lace


Patterns of Home Curtains Abu Dhabi

1. Patterns : Curtains Abu Dhabi having patterns are very trendy these days. Curtains having florals, stripes, checks and any other design are the curtain patterns. Pattern Home curtains are usually of cotton, lace or synthetic and sometimes velvet and linen too.

2. Solid : These are just the plain colored curtains. They represent the modern look and can be of any fabric.

Buy Home curtains in Abu Dhabi

You are looking to redesign and decorate your house and you are looking for best curtain solution for Curtains Abu Dhabi and was to buy Home curtains in Abu Dhabi than is the right choice for you. We offer variety of Home curtains having different delicate, decent patterns and designs, bright and vibrant colors, and are manufactured using the best material. We are the best supplier of all the curtains and you can orders us for customized curtains as well.

Our representatives can visit your place to show demo of different curtains and help you choose best for your rooms. They can also take measurement so that perfect size curtains could be delivered at your doorstep. We also help in the installation of Home Curtains Abu Dhabi, by our trained staff.

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