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Curtainabudhabi.ae gives extensive choice of Textures Abu Dhabi to choose from while buying our products. The products where curtain Abu Dhabi offers you to choose texture is carpets, bed sheets, curtains, cushion covers etc. We have variety of beautiful, elegant and comfortable textures Abu Dhabi available. We have huge variety of curtains in different Textures Abu Dhabi and choice of different designs and fabric.

Curtains Textures Abu Dhabi

There are three basic types of Textures Abu Dhabi in curtain. And they can also vary in fibers:

  1. Visual Texture Curtain

In visual texture curtains, there are pictures and designs either painted, printed or embroidered on the curtains. Visual textures consist of different images, graphics and patters and gives amazing classic look to the curtains Texture Abu Dhabi.

  1. Tactile Texture Curtains

Tactile textile curtain is a type in which curtains are represented by lifted weaves and velvet piles. Tactile Texture in Abu Dhabi gives great representation to the room and complements the beauty of the room.

  1. Amplitude Texture Curtains

Equally pleated curtains on the top gives the Amplitude texture to the curtains.

Curtain Fiber Types:

1.     Nylon

2.     Cotton

3.     Silk

4.     Wool

5.     Net

Carpets Textures Abu Dhabi

  1. Cut Pile

Cut piles are made of yarn that are cut at the ends. Cut pile are very comfy and soft. This is the most demanded carpets for bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms. The basic type of cut pile carpets are Velvet, Saxony, Frieze, Shag, and Cable. Each of these cut pile types give different texture to the carpets.

  1. Loop

Loop carpets have great strength and these carpets are ideal for heavy traffic. Carpet styles are level looped and or multi-level loop carpet. They are tightly constructed and had yarn loops that are uncut at the end.

  1. Cut loop

Cut loop carpets offer good performance. The combination of this carpet has cut tufts and lower loops.

Carpet Fiber Types:

1.     Nylon

2.     Wool

3.     Polyester

4.     Olefin

Bed sheet textures varies in fabric:

Some special and exclusive features of Textures Abu Dhabi that make us different from others are:

  1. Vibrant and attractive colors
  2. Extensive range of fabrics
  3. Variety of themes and designs
  4. Immediate response
  5. Flexible and reasonable cost
  6. quotations on demand
  7. Efficient customer handling/ Trained representatives
  8. Readymade textile products
  9. Customized Textures Abu Dhabi
  10. Delivery at door step