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You always think about some place for shelter when you listen to the word tent. Tents are made of different materials usually heavy fabric like denim or parachute fabric which draped over or attached to a frame using supporting ropes or metallic hooks. Tents are first used by nomads in making portable homes. Now a days tents are used for so many purposes. You need tents for recreational camping as well when you plan some tour and want to spend the night in open environment staying safe from surroundings. Large tents are used for events and functions as a place for sitting under the shade. Large tents are usually anchored by using ropes which are tied to tent pegs or stakes. It keeps you safe from harsh weathers providing ideal space for your events and special occasions. We, curtainabudhabi.ae being the best Tent Manufacturers In Abu Dhabi in town offer excellent deals if you are looking for “Tents For Sale Near Me”. We also provide you online services via tents for sale online. You just need to browse our large variety of Tents For Sale at www.curtainabudhabi.ae and order online while sitting at home in your comfortable sofa or bed. The very important fact is that tents always need to be long lasting and weather resistant because tents are used in harsh weather conditions for long periods of time. Waterproof materials made tents are usually needed for outdoor tenting programs or events. There are many uses of tents some of them are enlisted below,

Uses Of Tents

There are many uses of tents despite of portable residence purpose.

  • Military.
  • Emergency.
  • Recreational.
  • Traditional stay.
  • Protest movements.

The above are the situations where tents are readily needed. Military uses tents when they leave for missions and need to stay in open environments under the sky. Tents are also needed during emergency situations in any area. Hospital facilities are also provided in large tents when public need some emergency treatments. Nature lovers use tents of small size for camping activities.

Tents for sale

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Types Of Tents

There are many types of tents you need according to the required functionality. Event managers need large size tents for event organizing concerns. Some types are listed as follows,

  • Dome tent.
  • A-frame or wedged tents.
  • Multi room tents.
  • Backpacking tents.
  • Geodesic or semi-geodesic tents.
  • Tunnel tents.
  • Inflatable tents.
  • Pop up tent.
  • Teepee tent.

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Tents For Sale Near Me

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