Customized Panel Blinds

Customized Panel Blinds

Customized Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds consists of panels made up of variety of fabrics. These fabric panels slide along a track that typically fits on top of the window frame. Panels Blinds are best suit for the larger areas, sliding doors and windows. Panel Blinds can also be installed as a separator and a stylish room divider. Panel Blinds are very chic and stylish coverings that helps in covering the windows and doors and yet look so decent and presentable. Panel blinds are best for full window doors, Panel Blinds provides covering with elegance.

Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi Benefits

Besides the addition to the classy interior, Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi have several benefits that makes them considerable for the houses and offices.

1. Easy functionality to operate. Very easy to use by both adults and children. 2. They are out of the way because they slide to the side when closed. 3. Wide selection of variety and colors. 4. It gives elegant and contemporary look to the windows. 5. Easy to remove and install when required. 6. Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi are very cost effective. 7. They are very durable and long lasting.

Customized Panel Blinds are known for offering best panel blinds. They offer readymade and also Customized Panel Blinds. Not many panel blinds suppliers provide the option forCustomized Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi. This feature is specially offered by This is what sets apart from others, they give the open option of Customized Panel Blinds of your own choice. are available in the market with the choice of different fabrics on the basis of which you can get Customized Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi.

Basic fabric choices are:


1. Black out Panel blinds Fabric

As the name refers Black out Fabric blocks out all the light and gives the total privacy. All of our panel blackout blinds are 100% blackout and they have the best functionality and great appearance.

2. Sunscreen Panel blinds Fabric

These blinds allow the natural sunlight to enter the room along with keeping the control of privacy. They provide proper protection to the furniture and interior getting destroyed because of the direct sunlight.

3. Light Filtering Panel blinds Fabric

Light Filtering Panel blinds Fabric diffuses the light and softens the light also keeping in view the privacy of the room, both at night and day time. The softly diffused light generates great ambience to the room.

Customized Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi

If you are someone living across Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and looking for the best, classy and affordable panel blinds, is the place for you to shop. Customized Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi being offered by are available in variety of fabric options and delicate and classy range of colors. The quality of Customized Panel Blinds Abu Dhabi is incomparable with others because we are best in providing the amazing quality products in reasonable prices.

You can contact us for your Customized Panel Blinds and our representative can visit at your place to give you demo and also to deliver it at your step. We also help in the installation of our Customized Panel Blinds by our trained staff.

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